IntrospectionThis section reflects the passion behind all my endeavors. Perhaps one day, this can be looked back on and see what Jill-of-all-trades was meant to be.


Disclosure: I don’t imply to be an expert or a specialist in these topics. The purpose of this is to share my introspection and circulate my savoir-faire. A retrospective of my journey to truly learn and find out who I am, not based on where I came from or the people involved in my life, or what I’m doing right now.


Sometimes we need to recognize if what we’re doing now is simply something we have to do or is it something we do because we want to do it. I’m not just talking about chores here. But see that’s that too. You don’t want your life to be a chore. That’s static. You want it to be the life you enjoy living in –a more dynamic life.  That is where I am at. I simply have not discerned who I am. And perhaps, neither have you.


This isn’t going to be about trying to figure out something to do to just create another blog site. Let’s face it, almost all ideas and information can now be found in google search. The last thing I want is to be just another information pamphlet stacked on a pile in someone’s hard drive. My purpose here is to take you to a journey that will help you explore yourself, to relate to you in some way where we can learn together and learn from each other. Share experiences through “comments section”. As well as have fun doing it.


This is the core of my blog.

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