About Liz

Hey there! In this section, you’d get to know me a little. Duh, as if the “About” title above doesn’t give it away already 🙂. Anyway, I’d like to create a friendly space that will appeal to my audience on a personal level. So I’m not going to give you the bio defaults you usually see that lists birthdates, parents’ occupation, and the yada-yada.


Well, I’m an average mom living in Pennsylvania, who graduated last spring 2015 from a community college with an associate degree in business management. Admittedly, I had no definitive plans on what I was going to do career-wise after college, though I surely had ideas of what I hoped to be. I mean, who doesn’t, right? Academically, I excelled. I graduated with honors and was commended for my scholarly writings and research. My professors and colleagues spoke highly of me, with opinions that I showed promise and success.


But, yeah, still haven’t’ figured out that part just yet, hence, the Jill-of-all-trades. And quite honestly, my resume is not exactly flashy. No fancy titles and… yup, no “specialist” or “expert” word of any kind — by the way, I’m literally perusing my one and a half page resume as I’m saying this. It used to be a full two-pages, until I googled it and realized that my resume needed some margins and spacing adjustments, not to mention narrowing down the fluff in the experience section and removing irrelevant jobs like working at a hot-dog joint. Now let’s reflect on this a little. The highest title I had was as a Seafood Manager that I held for almost a year at a grocery store when I was twenty. Alright, there’s the fluff again. Please, don’t tell me that you’re not guilty of ever doing that. But if you’re not, then clearly, you are much better person than me 🙂. Transparency, people! Okay fine, I really only had the position half the year I spent there. Pregnancy complications and a tad bit of conflict with another manager plus hormones = resignation. But hey, I actually felt good about that job. Less than two years in Estados Unidos, I was young, promotion five months through the job. Come on, who wouldn’t feel good about that? Although, I was advised by Career Services that ten years of work history is preferred. Gee, can’t I have an extra two years please? That title had a “manager” in it!


Moving on, I was also a nurse technician at a hospital for half my lifetime in US and that was when I learned to connect with diverse group of people. I really did love that job and it gave me a great sense of service towards the community. Then full-time student life and another baby on the way completely clashed with my work sched. At least the hospital I worked for made it easy for me by not giving me anymore hours on the as-needed-basis shifts (uh-huh, there’s a hint of sarcasm there). Well, that’s a story for another time. We’re not that close yet to give you the juicy details. Perhaps someday, if this blog actually takes off, I can disclose my dark past in an e-book that could potentially make me thousands. How about that, huh? Ambition. Ambition. Well, better to have some than none, right?


Long story short, since the last thing I want to do is bore you with my rants –if you haven’t dozed off already or navigated somewhere else. Five years of college life (took me long enough!) two program change, a year of school governance and online student support work-study, and two growing sons later, here I am talking to you. Phew! All that made me sweat! Never thought it was that hard to talk about myself. Yeah, yeah, it’s a little egocentric. But hey, this IS the About Section, so I guess I’m entitled. Keep in mind that I have also done a many things in between these lines which will be the content of this blog, so please, stay tuned.

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